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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists assist clients who have a disability (developmental, neurological, physical) regain the ability to complete tasks of daily living or "occupations" more independently at home, school, or work.

At St Luke's our OTs work with clients of all ages to improve motor skills and cognitive functioning so they can safely and independently perform tasks. These everyday tasks may include dressing, bathing, and cooking as well as higher level skill such as components of driving, balancing a checkbook, or home management.

For pediatrics, an occupational therapist may focus on a child's fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing concerns, play and social skills advancement, age appropriate self-care skills (using a cup, utensils, getting dressed, toileting), and parent education.
Additional areas OT's address:

•Home safety through specific evaluations and
•Upper body function including fine motor dexterity
•Cognitive, Motor, and Perceptual retraining
•Adaptive equipment training
•Community re-entry activities
•Energy conservation and joint protection techniques
•Sensory Integration/modulation
•Attention/performance in classroom
•Caregiver education/training (often with dementia or
stroke patients)
•Splinting of upper extremities
•Driver safety

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